Hello, my name is Steven Bernhard. From a young age I have been exposed to a multitude of cultures such as those from Switzerland where I was born and Spain where I was raised. As an adolescent, I discovered I could create art through photography and never looked back. I explored the medium of analog photography, where I found the connection between painting with acrylic and painting with light. At the age of 17 I leaped at the opportunity to start my career, I worked between Paris and Zurich which then allowed me to move to New York where I assisted several photographers throughout fashion week. My time in New York propelled me to return to Madrid and pursue higher education in fashion and beauty photography. My objective as an artist is for individuals to trust me as a person beyond a creative. There is nothing that inspires me more than human beings, their eyes and their stories. Some of my referents are Steven Meisel, Mikael Jansson, Greg Swales & David LaChapelle.

Clients include GQ, Warner Music Spain, NEO2, Mmscene, Vanity Teen, Manu Ríos, Oscar Casas, Belén Aguilera, Monsters Productions, RLM, and MUST producciones amongst many others. 


© 2023 Steven Bernhard 


© 2023 Steven Bernhard